Wednesday, August 29, 2012

La abejita

La abejita means "little bee". In the classroom we use a Bee rattle and paper flowers. The Bee flies to each of the flowers held by all our friends. The kids really enjoy having the bee tickle their flower and drink the nectar. They learn the words abeja(bee), flor(flower), buscando(to look), polen (pollen), miel(honey) and others. It's an original song written by me. It was the first song I wrote for Adrian when he was a baby. It's very dear to my heart.

Por Favor Camina.

This is an action song. I change the name of each child during the class. They learn the words correr(run), camina(walk), caer( to fall down) and Por favor (please). They love to hear their names and act out the scene of a running child and their mom pleading them to stop running and use their walking feet.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

Nuestro Amigo, Juan el Dragón. Viajaremos a muchos lugares interesantes con este curioso Dragón.
Our friend, Juan El Dragón. We'll fly to many places with this curious Dragon.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bienvenidos Amiguitos

Amiguitos is a Spanish Afterschool Program for Preschoolers. Classes are held at Rock Bridge Preschool in Columbia, Missouri. Come join Mrs. Natalia in her fun and engaging classes. We will travel around the world with Juan el Dragón, play games, sing, dance and learn spanish the funnest way possible.

Amiguitos Spanish Afterschool Program uses the nationally recognized Sonrisas Spanish curriculum and a multiple of other Spanish language acquisition resources developed and tested by Mrs. Natalia. Mrs. Natalia has over 10 years of teaching experience and is committed to the development of  the whole child. There is nothing more important than raising children that are ready to face a constantly changing and globalized world.

This blog will have audio recordings available for parents to practice with their children some of the main words, phrases and songs that are learned in our weekly classes.