Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mi Conejito

Salta mi conejito (Two fingers jump over open hand)
Para tus orejitas (Hands over head to make bunny ears)
Come tu zanahoria (Eat the carrot)
Mi conejito, mi conejito( Jump like a bunny)

Finger Play is an excellent way of teaching children language and meaning. Here are a few of the benefits of finger play. I will be posting some of the Finger Plays that we've been practicing in class.

Here are some of the benefits of using rhymes, finger play or rhymes and action songs: 

-They allow for self expression, encouraging a child's own response in his or her use of body and speech. 

-These activities encourage students to participate verbally. 

-They provide relaxation (a legitimate opportunity to wiggle and move around). 

-They assist the child in learning to follow directions. 

-They increase attention span. 

-They develop listening skills. 

-They teach order and sequence. 

-Help teach number concepts. 

-They increase manual dexterity and muscular control.

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